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Promise defer

January 25, 2016

With ES2015 getting more and more mainstream, people are starting to use the native Promise API. Your typical ES2015 Promise looks like this:

const hackBank = () => {
    return new Promise(resolver);

    function resolver (resolve, reject) {
        // do some async stuff

        if (/* everything went according to plan */) {
            resolve('got the money');
        } else {
            reject(Error('alarm went off'));

It’s arguable very cool to have this tool inside EcmaScript, but I recently stumbled upon an issue where I needed to have a defer. You know, like jQuery.Deferred or $q.defer. Turns out this does not exist in native Promise land.

After chit chatting with colleagues and searching the interwebs this is what came out:

Hopla! Enjoy doing stuff like:

const myDefer = defer();

// or

    .then(/* great success */)
    .catch(/* mega fail */);


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